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My last girlfriend is 22, is a flat with her friend Emma, 21 high, with long blond hair with stunning blue eyes, usually ranging as three others, like Emma does not see anyone at the moment and not my credibility if I was hurt in the local stun with both feet on the arm ! Last Saturday we went to the bar as usual, always at the end of the afternoon, the three of us consumer worse, he said that instead of the city to a club, we would have a bottle of wine back to the housing and cold as soon as we arrived, Emma was in her room in the reports on something more comfortable, we were on the large sofa, necking and petting, damage to my cock, I slid my hand on Lisa 's short skirt and her underwear soaked, i wanted to know what, I pulled the panties aside and rubbing her clit tight, we could hear Emma goes back into the room, then sat down and poured the wine. Emma came in using the smallest nightgown I've seen, only the coveredfirm ass and I could see that not wearing a bra and panties left on the chair in front of us, and as she sank into a chair, confirmed my suspition no underwear, when she could see her hairy Bush both realized and Emma is fleshbot in no rush to cover, he said, ' it seems he is ready to cut !' she laughed and said, I just cut it when I swim on vacation, or go, I told her that Lisa fleshbot is completely shaved, Emma said, I know, I bet they have it more often than you! Cheekly Lisa laughed, and said that Emma does not maintain its clean kill, because no man had been in his presence, much less fucked up, Emma nodded and says he goes to live with Lisa a few months, he had lived at home with their parents, and never bothered much with the kids, i, if this statement, if they have a fondness for a drink in the cup hairy asked to comment, but, as empty wine bottles, are on the subject sex, Emma asked fleshbot why he had taken noCherry said she, you're the first person that I felt relaxed with Lisa said, why not let David fleshbot be your first then ? Me and Emma seemed surprised at this suggestion, Lisa grabbed the front of my pants and said to Emma, ​​to see what you want to lose, and began to unbutton my jeans and sat emma, published as smooth snake ( not his name for his stupid of me), began little by little of me, fleshbot leaned over and licked the dew of pre-cum in the end, they come and Emma told me her first impression of the man who took Emma to the another part of me on the couch and went to touch fleshbot my cock stiff twitched as she worked her hand up and down my long shaft, Lisa knelt in front of Emma, ​​and spread her legs, would you like the look of this Dave, I asked, nodded when Lisa's head buried between her legs and licked emmas separations furriously wounds he sighed and said Emma, ​​you know if your around, I had no idea of ​​what we have compared to last week, but it was love It to advance a very short time Emma was, as she orgasmed, I was on the ground, placed in my car smooth, moved to soak the panties come off it, and licked the mound,... last part to follow!
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